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Birth belongs to the mama … to the birther … to the family … to the birthed. Birth invites witnessing and trust—not management and direction.

No matter what you are birthing, or would like to birth, upon your invitation, I am here to offer competent, conscious, collaborative care, as invited and divinely guided.


sit at the feet of your own life. let your own life teach you and unfold.

Caroline Myss


Birthing Babies

For families at any stage of their journey, from preconception through postpartum who desire holistic care and support in creating their desired birth experience.


Birthing Brilliance

From businesses to relationships, deeper fulfillment in life to relearning yourself—this is your time to be fully seen, wholly heard and deeply supported.


Doula Mentorship

Receive comprehensive support as you begin your journey as a birth or postpartum doula caring for birthing families.

"Zindzi was probably the most important supporter that helped me through my first pregnancy. She kept me calm, informed, and focused on both mine and my baby’s overall well being. She was and still is my angel. The pre and post natal care was phenomenal and although we started as strangers she and I are now connected spiritually for life. I can’t thank her enough and look forward to birthing my future children with her!"

Lillian B.

“Families, if you want someone who can keep you calm, assist in keeping your baby safe, but not seem overbearing and feel more like a sister, then you are in the right place. Zindzi is absolutely phenomenal! She was more than a doula: she was my best friend/sister on my birthing journey. If that wasn’t spectacular enough, it was a miracle simply because my husband is an introvert and even he felt such ease in speaking his thoughts to her.”

The Dickerson Family

"I read in a book once that when a child is born, so are the parents. Essentially two new beings are born on the day a woman gives birth and Zindzi is gifted in supporting such a journey. She is attentive to your physical and spiritual unfolding as you traverse through the liminal space to motherhood AND fatherhood. Furthermore, she proved to be a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom as well as a fair and trustworthy mediator. Not only will she be there for you, the woman giving birth, but also acts as a support for your ENTIRE family. Whenever I felt alone, weird, excited, crazy, uncomfortable, joyful, stressed, sad, grateful, peaceful, or anything she was right there to help me push through the emotion and ground myself. Zindzi traveled over 350 miles to help my beloved and I usher in our little one, which amazed my entire birth team. But that's just how dedicated she is to her craft and purpose. Zindzi is phenomenal. Period."

Malaika J.

“Zindzi is an amazing advisor. She has helped me through many big life challenges including the death of a sibling and a recent divorce. I even referred her to my older brother who also needed someone to help him navigate a sensitive situation. To me she is more than a coach: she is the positive and thoughtful inner voice made out loud who will incessantly get excited for you and your new journey, maybe even more than you will get for yourself ...that is what makes her great. The best part is she knows when to be serious and get to the root of what's going on as well as bring joy and levity when we may feel low. Believe me when I say, she is worth the call.”

Wanakhavi W.

“Zindzi has been a transformational person in my life. We have been working together for two years and counting. She showed me how to detect and articulate my feelings in a way that makes me feel much more complete than I ever have.”

Kofi W.

“Zindzi Janaan is a healer, one dedicated to helping humans bridge their stations of truth, divine self, and spirituality. She has the innate skill of drawing the beauty of each of our souls from us to us! From her spirited conversations to her creation of visual guides, you will feel fulfilled and aligned on your journey to birthing life—whether it be to another soul or yourself. I was not aware of the power and accessibility of rebirthing myself fully in a myriad of ways until I had a session with Zindzi. I am so thankful for her being a supportive guide and sister-friend as I journey on rebirthing me, and enhancing the relationships around me!”

Amirah K.



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